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How To Create Group Presentations With Prezi

Collaborate On A Prezi

Because Prezi is an online tool, it’s easy to collaborate on your presentations. You can invite other users to work on your Prezis, or you can copy content from other Prezis into your own.

Invite others to work with you on your Prezi

You can invite other people to work on your Prezi. Up to 10 people can work on a Prezi at once, and all users will need to be logged in to a Prezi account.

In the Prezi you want to collaborate on, click the Share icon , then choose Share Prezi.

2.     Set the privacy level to Hidden​​

3.     In the Add people box, enter the email address of the person you’re inviting.

4.     From the dropdown list next to their email address, select Editor, then click Add.

5.     An email is sent to the person you’ve invited. When they click the link, they’ll be taken right to the Prezi editor. Note that they’ll need to log in or sign up to Prezi before they can start working on the Prezi.

6.     Repeat for each person you want to invite to edit the Prezi. When you’re done, click the X at the top right of the Share window.

See what others are working on

When multiple users are working on the same Prezi, you’ll all be able to see each other’s avatars, indicating the area each user is currently working on. Whenever a change is made, all users will be able to see it immediately.

To see in more detail what an individual user is working on, click on their avatar then choose Zoom to position.

You can see a list of who else is currently working on the Prezi in the sidebar on the right of the screen.

Copy content from another Prezi

It’s easy for anyone working on your Prezi to add content from other Prezis they’ve created, or from ones that have been created and shared by others.

Just click Insert and choose My Content… A panel appears, showing all the content you’ve ‘favourited’ in other Prezis.

If you want to use content from one of your other Prezis that you haven’t added to your favourites, click the From Prezis tab and choose the content you want. If you’re having trouble, try searching for the content you’re looking for.

When you’ve found the content you want to reuse, drag it into the editing area of your current Prezi.