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How to Create Group Presentations With Prezi

Add Content To Your Prezi

Once you’ve created your Prezi, the next step is to add your content. You can add all sorts of content to your prezi, including text, images, videos and background music. Content can be placed on the canvas on its own, or within a frame.

What are frames?

Similar to slides in PowerPoint, frames are a useful way of displaying information in your Prezi. You don’t need to put all of your content in frames, but by doing so you’ll be able to use frame layouts to quickly style your content, and ensure it’s included in the Prezi’s path. Most templates already create a number of frames, but if you need more, you can add them yourself.

When you present your Prezi, you’ll move around the canvas, zooming in to each frame (and any other points you’ve added to the path). You can add frames within frames, but be careful to make sure your Prezi feels easy to navigate so your viewers don’t get lost or start feeling dizzy as they zoom between frames.

Give your Prezi a title

Name your Prezi by clicking in the title field of your template and typing the new title. Many templates will use placeholder text that makes the position of the title obvious – for example, “Click to add title”.

As soon as you’ve changed the title on the presentation canvas, the title of the Prezi shown at the top left of the screen will also change to reflect the new name.

Add content to your Prezi

You can add various types of content to your Prezi by going to the Insert menu and choosing the content you want to include in your Prezi.

Add text

To add text to your Prezi, simply click anywhere on the canvas and start typing.

Use the formatting toolbar above the text to change the appearance of your text. For example, you might want to centre a paragraph, or add a background colour.

Add an image

To add an image, click Insert and then click Image…

The Insert image sidebar appears at the right of your Prezi.

If you’re adding an image that you’ve saved on your computer, click Select files…Navigate through your computer’s hard drive to find the file you want, then click Open. The image appears on your Prezi, where you can move, resize and edit it.

If you don’t already have an image handy, you can choose from the default stock images in this panel, or you can use the Search for images… field to find images on the internet that you can use on your presentation.

When you’ve found the image you want to use, click on it and drag it onto your canvas. If you want the image to appear inside a frame, it might be easier to zoom in to the frame first, by double-clicking on it, and then dragging the image across into the frame.

Once the image has been added to your Prezi, you can resize it and position it to suit your needs. See Move, resize or rotate content in your Prezi.

Editing images

Prezi offers a range of editing features to improve the look of your images. To edit an image, hover over it to show the toolbar. You can use the buttons in this toolbar to crop, replace or delete the image.

You can also add various effects and filters to your images. To do this, hover over the image and click Effects.

In the popup window, choose the type of effect you want to use:

·          Enhance – Improve the appearance of the image by adjusting the lighting, colours or definition

·          Effects – add filter effects to change the contrast and colours of the image

·          Frame – choose from a variety of frames to add around the image.

In each of these sections, you can click on the various options and see how it will affect the image.

If you want to use the selected effect, click Apply. If you want to remove the effect, click Cancel. When you’re done adding effects to your image, click Save.

Add a YouTube video

You can add YouTube videos directly into your Prezi. From the Insert menu, choose YouTube video…

In the Insert YouTube popup box, paste the video’s URL and click Insert.

The video is added to your Prezi. You can move, resize and rotate it to suit your needs.

Move, resize or rotate content in your Prezi

Once you’ve added text, images or videos to your Prezi, you can move them around the canvas so they’re in the right position for your presentation. You can also change their size and rotate them if needed.

Move an object around the canvas

To move any of the objects in your Prezi, including images, videos, text and frames, just click and drag the element to its new position.

Resize an object

To make objects bigger or smaller, just click the object to select it, then drag the handles that appear on the object’s corners.

Rotate an object

To rotate an object, click the object to select it, then hover over the handles at the corner you want to pivot around. An additional handle appears.

Click and drag this handle to rotate the object around the chosen corner.

Working with frames

Frames provide a useful way of containing the content on your Prezi. When a viewer watches your presentation, it will zoom in on each frame in the order you choose (see Rearrange the order of your Prezi). Note that you can add content outside of frames and include this in the order of your presentation, but frames allow you to quickly and easily group various types of content together.

Add a frame

Frames come in several different shapes. Choose the shape you want for your frame from the frame panel on the sidebar at the left of the page.

Once you’ve chosen a style, add the frame to your Prezi by clicking and dragging the frame icon from the sidebar at the left of the page onto the canvas.

You can add the frame anywhere on your canvas, including inside existing frames.

Once a frame is part of your Prezi, you can add content to it like any other element of your presentation.

Frame layouts

As well as basic empty frames, Prezi has a set of ready-to-use frame layouts that you can add to your presentations. These typically contain some combination of text and images. Some frame layouts contain further frames within them.

To add a frame layout, click Insert and choose Layouts… A set of ready-to-use frame layouts appears on the right hand side of the canvas.

Choose the layout you want, and drag it onto your canvas. You can add frame layouts anywhere, including inside existing frames.

Multi-frame layouts

Prezi also allows you to add multiple frames at once, in a variety of patterns. To do this, click Insert and choose Layouts. In the toolbar on the right hand side, click the Multi-Frame tab.

Choose the layout you want, then drag it onto your canvas to add it to your presentation.

Once you’ve added a group of frames, you can resize and rotate them to achieve the look you want.

Deleting frames

To delete a frame and all its contents (including other frames), click on the frame then click Delete.

If you want to remove a frame without deleting the content it contains, right-click the frame and choose Remove Frame without Deleting Content.

Add a reference list from Microsoft Word

If you need to add a list of references or other complicated documents that are beyond Prezi’s formatting abilities (for example, hanging indents required by APA-style references), you can use Microsoft Word to turn the document into a PDF and insert that in your Prezi instead.

In Microsoft Word, open your reference list.

2.     Go to the File menu and choose Export, then click Create PDF/XPS document.

3.     Click the Create PDF/XPS button.

4.     In the popup window, choose a filename and location to save the PDF file in, then click Publish.

Your PDF is published. Depending on your computer’s settings, it might open automatically.

5.     In your Prezi, zoom in on the frame where you want your reference list to appear.

6.     Click the Insert menu and then choose From file (PDF, video)…

7.     In the popup box, select the PDF file containing your reference list and click Open.

The document is added to your Prezi, where you can move, resize and rotate it like any other object.