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How to Create Your Assessment Folio On Evernote

Your Folio – Getting Started

To create your folio for an assessment task for a specific unit, create a new notebook. This notebook will hold all items within that particular folio. Each item will be in its own note.
Your folio items

An item in your folio will generally include:

1.      a resource (or resources) that has been embedded into a note, e.g. a document, a photo, an audio file or website

2.      a description, explanation or reflection on that resource that you will add directly into the note

Please read the assessment information provided within your unit for details on the type of resources and information your assessment requires.

Each item will require its own note.

About Evernote

Evernote is a suite of note-taking and note-sharing software that you will be using to build your folios.

If you already have Evernote, you can use your existing account to Build your folio.

Evernote is accessible through:

1.      A browser based interface;

2.      A downloadable desktop program, available for PC and Mac;

3.      The Evernote App, available for Android, iPhone and iPad iOS.

Evernote will sync your account across all your devices.

Important: You do not require a premium version of Evernote to build your folios.

Evernote terminology:

A note is a single item stored in Evernote – this is what you will use to create an item for your folio.

A notebook is a container for a group of notes – this is what will be used to contain an entire folio for a unit.

A Shared notebook is a notebook that you have shared with other people or that someone has shared with you. How to share a notebook is outlined in this guide.

A Joined notebook is a public notebook that you have joined. Public notebooks are made available to anyone.

Tags are a way of making it easy to search through your notes via keywords. You can tag a note according to theme, location or topic. One or more tags can be added to each note. You may find tags useful as a way of linking information in particular units across your notes and notebooks.

Go to Sign Up to sign up to Evernote.