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How To Create Your Assessment Folio In Evernote

Build Your Folio In A Browser

Create your folio

1.      Click on the small arrow next to ‘Notebooks’ in the Notebook sidebar (link to screenshot).

2.      Click ‘New notebook’.

3.      Type in the name of the new notebook in the pop-up.

4.      Click ’Save’

5.      The notebook will appear in the Notebook sidebar.

Create an item

1.      Click on the notebook in the Notebook sidebar that you wish to add an item to. (Image 1.1)

2.      Click ‘New Note’. (Image 1.1)

3.      Click on ‘Untitled’ to change the name. (Image 1.1)

4.      Click in the blank area to add resources and text to the item. (Image 1.1)

5.      With every change you make Evernote will automatically save your changes. (Image 1.1)

Add a file to your item

1.      Click in the blank area of the note and the text toolbar will appear. (See image below)

2.      Click the paperclip to add a file.

3.      Click ‘choose file’.

4.      Select the file you wish to add.

5.      Click ‘open’.

6.      Click ‘Attach’.

7.      You can add more files by clicking choose file again.

Add a link to a web resource to your item

1.      Type the text you wish to link.

2.      Highlight the text.

3.      Click the ellipses on the text toolbar.

4.      Select ‘Create link’.

5.      Add the url of the page you want to add.

6.      Click ‘OK’.

7.      You can also type or paste a link to a web resource directly into the text window and Evernote will automatically make that link live.

Add an image to your item

1.      Save the image to your computer.

2.      Navigate to the image in Windows Explorer (PC) or Finder (Mac).

3.      Click, hold and drag the item into the note in evernote.

4.      Release the mouse.

5.      A popup will appear saying that the file is uploading.

6.      The image will appear in the note.

7.      You can also follow the instructions above for adding a file to an item to add an embedded image.

Tour of the Evernote browser interface

1.      Account info button: Click here to sign out or to add an account, or to look at information about your account including usage and email address.

2.      New note: Click to create a new note in the notebook you are in.

3.      Notebook stream: Shows all the notes in the active notebook.

4.      Tags: Shows all tags related to the active note.

5.      Notebooks sidebar: Shows all notebooks in your Evernote.

6.      Joined notebooks: Shows all shared notebooks that you have joined but not created.

7.      Date Stamp: Shows the date you created the active note and the date last modified.

8.      Share: Share your note with others.

9.      Info: change the name, location, tags and other information of the active note.

10.  Tools: Show/Hode the toolbar.

11.  Title: Title of the active note.

12.  Note body: This is where you will add files and write text.