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How To Create Your Assessment Folio In Evernote

Build Your Folio on an Android Device

Note: not all android devices have the same interface. Some options may be located in a different place on the screen.

Download and sign in to Evernote for your Android

1.      On the device you want to download the tool to, go to the Play Store app.

2.      Search for ‘Evernote’.

3.      Select the Evernote app.

4.      Press ‘Install’.

5.      Press ‘Accept’.

6.      Press ‘Open’.

7.      Press ‘Sign In’.

8.      Enter your email and password.

9.      Press ‘Sign in’.

Create an item on android

1.      Press the green plus icon at the bottom right of the screen.

2.       Select the type of note you want to make.

Tip: you can just start with a text note and add some other media to it later.

3.      Press on the greyed out title to rename it.

4.      Press on ‘Compose your note’ to begin typing your note.

5.      Press the camera icon to take an image with your device’s camera to add to the note.

6.      Press the plus icon to attach:

a.      Picture

b.      File

c.       Document (via taking a photograph with the document camera)

d.      Handwritten note

e.      Audio Recording, using the microphone of your device

f.        Speech-to-text, recording your voice Evernote will analyse the recording and attempt to convert it to text.

g.      Skitch, a secondary tool that allows you to annotate documents, images, etc.

7.      Press the clock icon to set a reminder for the note.

8.      Press the information icon to change the location, tags and notebook that the note is part of.

9.      Press ‘done’ when you are finished creating your note.