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Guide to careers in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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Supply Chain Logistics

A global industry: logistics and supply chain management 

Logistics and supply chain management are fundamental to the way we work and live. Integrated as we are in a global system of trade, we sometimes take it for granted that the product we order as an individual consumer – or requisition as a business – will arrive within a matter of days.   

While it has opened the door to new opportunities, COVID-19 has had a significant impact on global supply chains. Moving forward there will inevitably be a greater focus on the importance of logistics and supply chain management to respond and adapt to rapidly changing circumstances.  

It is predicted that global supply chains will take at least several years to fully recover, which places a premium on highly skilled logistics and supply chain management professionals capable of overcoming the distinct challenges facing the industry. 

The role of logistics and supply chain management 

Supply chain management responsibilities are varied, with unique obstacles to overcome. These include primarily the procurement, sourcing and purchasing of goods, as well as the logistics of transportation and delivery. 

Globalisation has seen a boom in global supply chain management. Following the disruption to global supply chains due to COVID-19, logistics is now seen as being at the heart of business operations. 

Advances in data analytics is also predicted to have a large impact on logistics, and is becoming a core skill for those who pursue logistics careers. 

Why logistics and supply chain management as a career 

No two logistics and supply chain management careers are exactly alike. This is in large part due to the challenges specific to managing the supply chains for diverse industries and products.  

The challenges a business will face importing cars from overseas will be radically different from a brick-and-mortar exporting hand-made goods. This is why Swinburne Online’s Bachelor of Business (Logistics and Supply Chain Management) equips students with a flexible toolkit, grounded in the core principles that underlie logistics and supply chain management.  

Students will acquire practical skills, such as negotiation and project management, to ensure the approach you take to logistics and supply chain management is tailored to the situation, and achieves measurable results. 

A career pathway you define 

There are few career pathways that lead to such a wide variety of work as supply chain careers and logistics careers. It is a career pathway that opens up countless opportunities for you to explore. Whether you want to work at a national level – for a small business, an emerging company or a national-level enterprise, the choice is yours. There are opportunities, too, to work for companies with a global reach. 

There are many lessons to learn from the current pressures facing the global supply chain. Not least of which is the central importance of highlyskilled logistics and supply chain professionals who thrive in uncertainty, and have the creativity to implement innovative  solutions to unprecedented issues. It’s no wonder then that supply chain careers and logistics careers are expected to grow at an accelerated rate over the next five years and beyond. 

Both Supply Chain Managers and Logistics Managers earn high annual salaries – at around $130,000 and $140,000 a year respectively – making it a lucrative and rewarding career pathway. 

Online study: taking the next step to a career in Logistics and Supply Chain Management 

Online study is a phenomenal option for those interested in either supply chain careers or logistics careers. One reason being that due to the flexibility of online study, it is possible to gain valuable experience in the field while you continue to study.  

This is especially important for careers in logistics and supply chain management because the individuals who go on to become managers and leaders in the field are highly qualified, and combine their theoretical expertise with a practical and results-driven skill set. 

Whatever your background, studying while you continue to work is a great way to ensure you’re moving your career forward, so by the time you graduate you’ll have everything you need to take the next step in your career. 

Take a step towards an exhilarating career in logistics and supply chain management. Speak to a Course Consultant on 1300 069 765 to discuss your options, and commence a Bachelor of Business (Logistics and Supply Chain Management) today.