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The four signs you should consider a career change

Do you daydream daily about what could have been had you pursued another career path, but feel it’s too late to do anything about it? Fear not, there’s a Chinese proverb for that: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now.”

The good news is planting a new career tree today doesn’t have to be the giant leap of faith it once was. Thanks to flexible online study, you can prepare for a smooth transition into a new field by studying a relevant qualification around your current work commitments.

If you find yourself nodding along to the four signs below, it might be time to start planning your next career. Life’s too short to spend waiting for 5 o’clock.

1. The Sunday night blues

Come Sunday night, most workers lament the inadequacy of the two-day weekend. But if your Sunday night is filled with a deeper sense of dread for the coming week, you might be in need of change. The thought of work might not always be thrilling, but it shouldn’t be distressing either.

2. You’re only in it for the money

You hate your job but you love your salary. It might be enough to keep you going for now, but it’s not sustainable over the longer-term. The mental toll of job dissatisfaction is more damaging than the amount of pay you may sacrifice while establishing yourself in a more fulfilling career.

3. Your dreams aren’t even close to your reality

At some point in the past, lured by the warm blanket of job security, you “temporarily” shelved your dreams. They’re still there, gathering dust, but they become more distant as the years goes by. Meanwhile, any pride you once held in your work has vanished. When small talk arrives at the inevitable “So, what do you do for work?” segment, you shudder.

4. You just don’t care

Your procrastination skills are downright impressive – you stretch simple tasks over hours. You take sickies increasingly often and don’t aspire to higher roles in your organisation. Remember, you’re not just wasting your time. It’s your company’s too. Time to go!

WAIT. Before you storm out of your office, throwing obscene finger gestures along the way, take a breath. A career change is a big decision, so be smart about it. Check out our course offerings here and get real about your dreams.

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