VET Course Fees

When you study with Swinburne Online, your course fees include all learning materials, study support and assessment support services.  

2018 Indicative Course Fees

The following costs may change depending on your eligibility for funding and any credit awarded in recognition of your previous study. Scholarships are available for many of our courses and often need to be applied for at the time of enrolment.  

Payment Dates

When you enrol your total course fee will be split across three payment dates. The table below outlines the three payments required for each diploma and the total course cost.

*Course cost doesn't take into account Credit Transfers.

Course  1st Payment 2nd Payment 3rd Payment Total Course Cost*
Units Fee Units Fee Units Fee
SS-INTROBUS Course in Introductory Business Skills 3 $2400          
BSB50215 Diploma of Business     3 $2400 2 $1600 $6,400
BSB50415 Diploma of Business Administration     3 $2400 2 $1600 $6,400
SS-INTROHRM Course in Introductory Human Resource Skills 3 $2400          
BSB50615 Diploma of Human Resource Management     3 $2400 3 $2400 $7,200