University Course Fees

Below you will see the list of current course fees.

Commonwealth provided loans are available to assist eligible students to pay their course fees and there are a range of university, government and privately funded scholarships and prizes.


2018 student contributions

The Australian Government recently announced proposed increases to tuition fees for students enrolled in a Commonwealth supported place (CSP). It is proposed that CSP fees will increase by 1.8% in 2018 and continue to increase to a total of 7.5% by 2021. The fee rates for 2018 will be available later in the year once the Government has confirmed the applicable amounts.
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2017 University Indicative Course Fees

Course fees may change without notice and will be affected by a student’s unit selection and any credit awarded in recognition of previous academic experience.

Course Eligible for HECS-HELP Eligible for FEE-HELP Estimated course fees*
Bachelor of Communication $19,047
Bachelor of Design $19,047
Bachelor of Social Science $19,047
Bachelor of Education $25,396
Bachelor of Business $31,788
Master of Teaching (Primary) $37,824
Master of Business Administration (MBA) $38,796
Master of Professional Accounting $38,796
Graduate Certificate of Business Administration $12,932
Graduate Certificate of Professional Accounting $12,932

*Note that these unit costs are for domestic students only.

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