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Here’s why your admin job is the perfect starting point for a career in business

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Behind every successful company, there’s a highly organised administrative team. It’s hard to describe what admin professionals do because the short answer is… a lot.

All companies are different, but administrators tend to juggle paperwork, phone calls, scheduling appointments and helping workers with various enquiries. The day can fly by with a flurry of tasks, demands and often a lot of problem solving.

If you’re working in this industry, your ability to multitask will stand you in good stead for a business career. If you’re thinking about exploring your options, consider how your skillset could be valued in different roles at your organisation.

Your knowledge of the office ecosystem gives you the inside scoop: try before you buy

As an admin worker, you’re likely the eyes and ears of the company. By liaising with people across the office, you’ve got a unique position to scope out the types of jobs available and consider which of them might interest you.

It’s hard for people outside an office to picture what working there is really like, but you know exactly what most employees’ days look like. Better yet; you know the people!

Think about the kind of jobs that interest you at your company and see if one of your colleagues would be happy to grab a coffee and chat about what they do in more depth. By taking the time to do your research, you’re more likely to discover a job that is perfect for you.

You understand how an organisation functions

Admin roles are some of the most fast-paced, intense jobs in an office. You’ve got a brilliant knack for working with people and you know how to balance this with efficiently getting through your myriad of tasks for the day.

These are highly desirable skills that any employer would look for in a manager, a marketing expert or any kind of professional. You’ve already got the natural ability, the experience and an office network of your own.

If you’re looking to advance your career and take on a leadership role, combining these skills with specialist knowledge will help you stand out from other candidates.

To build your skillset and explore professional development opportunities, you could consider studying an online degree.

This will help you to formalise your experience and make your transition to another role smoother. By learning online, you can keep working in your current position and move into another job title when you’re ready.

Although you’ve already got the necessary practical skills, specialising in an area you’re interested in will give you the final tools you need for an easy transition. You can take your pick from marketing, finance, logistics, management and more.

The hard-earned knowledge you’ve acquired during your time in admin has undoubtedly given you plenty of transferrable skills. Take note of your responsibilities and remember how impressive they might sound in a future job interview. Whether you’re just looking to dip your toes in to another role, or make a large-scale change, your experience is sure to help you with your future career.

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