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How to realistically change careers when you’re already working

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After a busy peak hour commute, you finally make it home from work. You grab a snack and kick back on the couch, ready to settle in for the evening. You open your laptop and browse the web to see if any of your dream jobs have openings. You’ve thought about a change for a while, but don’t know if you’re qualified – and even if you did get the job, could you really do it?

Scrolling through the openings, you see almost every one of your top choices lists a relevant degree as ‘required’. You’re working 40 hours a week already, there’s no way you could fit study in too. Seems impossible right?

It doesn’t have to be.

In Australia, 57% of people have made a career change before; 19% have done so in the last twelve months (SEEK, 2022).

Changing careers might seem completely overwhelming for a variety of reasons, but it is possible. People do it all the time.

Making a change gives you the chance to work in a field you love. Maybe you’ll have the opportunity to start a more flexible job, or one that can give you a different lifestyle.

If you’re ready to make the change, here are some realistic ways you can make the transition smoother:

Narrow down the field you want to work in

It’s common to know the kind of career you want to move into, but not the specific job. Lots of people might dream of working in marketing or finance but aren’t sure about the types of roles available.

For example, in marketing, you could work with data, people, digital content or something totally different. If you don’t know where your strengths lie, a Bachelor of Business with a Major in Marketing would give you the chance to try a variety of skills and see what interests you.

Whatever you’re interested in, there will be an online degree out there to help you refine your skillset and passions and get you one step closer to your dream job.

Tackle the study requirements

It’s a simple fact that most organisations, small or large, require their workers to have a formal qualification such as an undergraduate degree. If you’re already working, it’s important you find a course that can fit in with your current schedule.

This is where online degrees are absolute lifesavers. Not only can you learn from anywhere in the world (even your car before a shift if you’re really at a pinch!), but your peers are also probably in the same boat.

Online undergraduate business courses give you the chance to specialise in your interests, but also set you up with real industry experience, meaning you’ll graduate with practical skills you can put straight on your resume.

Be kind to yourself about imposter syndrome

Anyone in the business world will probably tell you they don’t know what they’re doing 100% of the time. A lack of self-belief can be one of the biggest barriers to achieving your goals. If you’re reading this, you’re already the kind of person who is investing time to work out how best to pursue your dreams.

Create a plan for yourself; what are your best skills? What do you need to learn to help you jump into that dream role? Do you need to take a uni course to learn those skills? Could you volunteer or pick up an internship?

From here, create a series of small goals that will help you to gain the skills that are required to start in your new career. With a little planning, you’ll feel more confident and ready to make the move!

If you need further support and guidance, you’re always welcome to reach out to our friendly Course Consultants on 1300 069 765 or contact us here. 

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