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Real-world opportunities through a media and communications degree

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One of the most exciting parts about studying media and communications is knowing just how many career opportunities are waiting for you when you graduate. Whether you want to work in social media, advertising, public relations or communications, the best way to get ahead is to study somewhere that gives you real-world experience.   

Here are some of the ways your Swinburne Online Bachelor of Media and Communications can give you a head start:   

Work on real-life client briefs  

Whether you choose to major in Advertising, Media Studies, or Public Relations, you’ll be working with real client briefs and case studies from companies in your field. This will give you a competitive advantage as you practice valuable communication skills that will set you apart from other graduates.    

Build real industry connections 

When you undertake a Bachelor of Media and Communications with a Major in Media Studies, you’ll have the opportunity to intern in a professional role of your choosing.  In doing so, you’ll form valuable industry connections before you graduate and network with professionals – which could even lead to future employment opportunities.  

Practical subjects  

Rather than waiting to develop professional skills in the workplace, you’ll be able to take classes where you learn practical techniques. You can take your pick from copywriting, professional video and audio editing, photography, budgeting, writing, event management and many more key media and communications skills.  

Are you ready for more? Find out how to kick-start your career in media and communications, by speaking to one of our dedicated Course Consultants on 1300 069 765, or head over to our Media and Communications Course page.