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Career Change: From Insurance to Teaching

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It’s never too late to follow your career dreams, as mother of two Marnie discovered when she started a Master of Teaching (Primary).

After 12 years in the same industry and the arrival of her two children, Marnie decided it was time for a change. Studying online provided the flexibility she needed to spring board into a new career. And after completing the first practical placement in a classroom, Marnie knew she had found her calling.

Why did you decide to change careers?

Once I had my children I decided that my heart wasn’t really in the business world anymore. As I watched my son grow and learn I realised I was more interested in child development than insurance! And by the time I had my daughter there was no way I’d ever be happy going back to a full time role that I wasn’t passionate about.

Why did you decide to study online?

I felt helpless. I knew I wanted to study primary teaching but I thought it was impossible. How would I be able to logistically wangle an on-campus course? After a lot of investigation I discovered Swinburne Online and realised that online learning would allow me to look after my young children and stay in the part-time job I was holding onto to keep some money coming in.

How have you juggled being a parent and a student?

At times I’ve worried that studying meant I wasn’t spending time with my children. But then I have to remind myself of a few things: firstly the outcome means a happy mum who will be doing something she loves into the future, which has to be good for all of us. Secondly, it’s great to teach my children the importance of studying and learning new things, no matter what your age!

What was it like completing a school placement in a classroom?

Teaching placements have been an important part of my course. From the beginning of my first practical unit, I knew the hard work was going to be worth it – I had chosen the right career!

I’m currently completing my very last practical unit and I’m seeing everything come together. And I have the confidence to teach a class full of diverse abilities and children of all ages, helping them to achieve amazing learning outcomes.

Has having your children changed your career dreams and life goals?

Yes! Teaching wasn’t a dream I knew I had until my kids came along, but through hard work and the support of the online teaching staff at Swinburne Online I’m about to become a Primary School Teacher. Wow!

It’s never too late to change your career to a field you are passionate about. View more courses to find out where a course with Swinburne Online could take you!