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The best-kept secret about postgraduate study: you don’t always need an undergraduate degree to get in

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Are you more qualified than you realise?

It’s no secret that postgraduate courses set you apart from other graduates and make your job applications standout. After all, they’re a more advanced qualification than an undergraduate degree and the courses themselves are designed to give students a professional, job-ready experience.

But did you know that you don’t necessarily need an undergraduate degree to get a place in a graduate course?

In many cases, people are reluctant to apply for a postgraduate course because they believe if they don’t have a bachelor’s degree, they won’t get in. However, the exciting part about postgraduate courses is that many students have been working in their chosen industry for years and are looking to formalise their knowledge. This means that if you have a minimum of 3 years of relevant, professional experience, you might be eligible for a postgraduate course.

This is especially helpful in the business world where the extra qualification could boost you into a new role or help to reinforce the knowledge you’ve acquired during your working life. For example, with relevant work experience, you could jump into the Graduate Certificate of Business Administration, which is a direct pathway to the highly regarded Master of Business Administration (MBA).

By using your work experience to complete a postgraduate course, you could open the door to a world of professional opportunities. It’s always best to talk to one of our friendly Course Consultants to discuss your eligibility for any of our courses. While postgraduate education courses do require a relevant undergraduate degree, you might be surprised by the range of business and technology postgraduate courses you could be eligible for.

If you’re keen to skip undergraduate study and dive straight into relevant, professional postgraduate study, check out our range of postgraduate courses or speak to one of our Course Consultants today on 1300 069 765

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