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Why study a graduate certificate or graduate diploma?


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When deciding to study a postgraduate degree, there are a few things you need to consider before taking the plunge. These decisions may influence which study option might be ideal for you, whether you are looking to upskill in your chosen career or explore a new career direction.

One of the most important considerations is which level of study you should undertake. You may not have considered a graduate certificate or graduate diploma, but did you know that these can be worthwhile options?

To help you choose the course that is most suited to you, we have put together some information on the wealth of value in these degrees.

Showing you are determined to upskill

Employers are always on the lookout for employees with skills that are relevant to their organisation or a particular role. Studying a graduate certificate or graduate diploma is an excellent way to show your employer or prospective employers that you have the drive and personal ambition to attain the skills that they are seeking.

Reflected in your salary

Achieving a graduate certificate or diploma is not only beneficial for upskilling in your chosen field, but can also lead to bumps in your salary. According to a recent study from QILT, the median salary for postgraduate qualification holders working full-time in 2020 is $84,700, while the median salary for those with an undergraduate degree is $64,700. This means pursuing postgraduate study can lead to a salary increase of around $20,000.

Becoming more employable

In an ever-changing job market, certain skills become more of a priority over others and employers are always on the lookout for key skills that are most in demand. Staying up to date with these demands can be challenging for anyone who may be looking to advance their career or change their profession.

A graduate certificate or graduate diploma will offer you the knowledge and qualification to stay ahead of the curve and become an essential employee to any prospective employer.

Pathway to a master’s degree

Each of the graduate certificates and graduate diplomas offered at Swinburne Online consists of core units taken from their respective master’s degree. They provide an insight into what to expect when studying an advanced postgraduate degree without having to commit yourself to the entire course.

Should you decide to further your studies after completing your graduate certificate or graduate diploma, the units you have previously studied will offer credits that go towards the relevant master’s degree.

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