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Why introverts thrive online

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In traditional classroom settings, conversation is typically dominated by the talkative and assertive – those likely to be described as extroverts.

Introverts, on the other hand, tend to be more reserved and so may struggle to engage meaningfully in these learning environments.

When it comes to learning, online is proving to be an ideal setting for introverts to flourish in their chosen course of study. Here’s why.

Solitude is bliss

A preference for solitude is a key characteristic of the introvert. As a result, introverts are not likely to feel at home in a busy classroom. Having the freedom to choose a solitary space in which to study – free from awkward ice-breaker activities and group work – is more aligned with the introvert’s manner of working.

Type, don’t shout

In order to compete with extroverts in the classroom, introverts may feel the need to shout just to be heard. Online learning platforms grant an equal voice to all students, facilitating input from the whole class – not just the loud ones.

More time to prepare responses

In traditional classroom settings, students have a matter of seconds to form responses to questions posed by tutors. With online learning, however, students have the flexibility to contribute to class discussions at their convenience. This allows for the development of considered responses over a period of time. A penchant for reflection is common among introverts, so having this time to digest information before having to comment on it is often preferable.

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