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The Graduate Diploma of Project Management is one of the most versatile courses offered by Swinburne Online. Project management students come from a huge variety of professional backgrounds, and their career options after completing the course are just as numerous.

So how do you know if a Graduate Diploma of Project Management is right for you? This course is aimed at students that wish to develop skills and knowledge in the areas of communication, project management, leadership and critical thinking.

These skills are relevant in a range of industries, and graduates often utilise them within the IT, engineering, education, health, law and banking sectors. The course is also a great option for those established in their career who wish to develop their project management skills and get that next promotion at work.

Industry fellow at Swinburne’s Faculty of Business and Law, Dr William Young, believes the Graduate Diploma of Project Management to be a particularly practical course that offers students many unique opportunities. ‘Students are able to take those skills and basically go anywhere in the world and apply them’, he said. ‘[Project management] is a dynamic career that is hugely interesting and creative.’

The Graduate Diploma of Project Management at Swinburne Online is endorsed by the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM), who run a competency-based certification that is internationally recognised.

Great Project Managers combine in-depth, industry-specific technical knowledge with excellent people skills that allow them to lead a team towards a shared goal. ‘Doing [project management] is hugely rewarding’, said Dr Young, ‘but when you do it well, and you’ve got a big team of people who are all part of your team, there’s nothing better.’

The incredibly versatile and relevant Graduate Diploma of Project Management with Swinburne Online is a great opportunity if you are looking to upskill and advance in your career.

If you think this course might be right for you, contact your Course Consultants on 1300 069 765 or apply today.