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The benefits of online study

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Some people may think of online study as a last resort alternative to studying on-campus, but that just simply is not the case. We are here to spell out the true differences – and even benefits — of the online study experience and explain just how we deliver our courses in an altered format, while you receive the same degree as on campus.

No classes? No worries!

When you study online, your course is delivered in an advanced digital environment. You learn in an online classroom known as Canvas. This dynamic Learning Management System was built for online learners, with no lectures to watch or tutorials to attend.

Instead, you are able to access your individual units and study groups and complete our specially designed learning modules in a way that suits you. The best part? As long as you have an internet connection and a device, you can study from almost anywhere!

So kiss goodbye to your commutes to class and pull out your laptop at home, the office, or even on holidays. Studying online brings all of the university resources straight to you.

Study when it suits you

Luckily, for you, our classroom never closes. So if you work shifts or just study better in the middle of the night, you can! Of course, our units still run to a weekly schedule, so it’s important that you are dedicating enough of your time to them – but when that time is, is completely up to you.

We find this is particularly convenient for our busiest students who may only find small chunks of time in their schedule for study. If you only have 15 minutes at a time to study, you can! It would be the perfect opportunity to do some readings or work through a few of your weekly modules.

Connect to people across the globe

As our courses are online, you can study from anywhere. And although our students are typically situated in Australia, there’s nothing stopping you from taking your studies overseas. Even if you choose to juggle your studies with other commitments from home, you can still interact with classmates who could be anywhere across the country (or the world).

Make friends from all different walks of life, backgrounds and locations with similar study interests. Or even find classmates that could live close to you and organise a study session.

Help is just an email or phone call away

Just as our classroom is open every day of the week, so are our phone lines and inboxes. Your support teams, such as Student Advisors and eLearning Advisors, work extended hours and weekends to ensure that you have the help you need, when you need it. You also have the assistance of Student Coaches when are in need of new study tips or strategies.

There is a clear positive difference in online study when you compare it to on-campus. Study whenever and wherever you like with the support systems you need with Swinburne Online.

Take a look at the video below to find out more about online study or book a call with a Course Consultant today.