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Swinburne Online launches new mobile app

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According to 2016’s Australian Mobile Statistics, 74% of us rely on our phones at least as much as we rely on desktops when searching for information, ideas or advice*.

We use our phones to navigate, shop, research, call, tweet, translate, diarise and so much more. And now, students can access their online classroom on their mobile with the launch of the brand new, custom built, Swinburne Online Mobile App.

What’s in the app?

As a result of in-depth research and feedback, the new app contains all of the ‘go to’ essentials Swinburne Online students need.

Students can now quickly access assessment due dates, view to-do lists of learning activities, plan time for study/work/socialising easily within the calendar, get important announcements, and reply instantly to other students and eLearning Advisors, all from the mobile.

It’s a welcome addition to Swinburne Online’s digital line up of study tools developed in-house and designed to provide the flexibility and convenience that a student’s life demands.

The ideal study companion

Online students can’t be limited to a desktop, and with mobile usage rates higher than ever before, it’s important they access material whenever and wherever they are.

So, as students continue to manage study commitments around work, family and for the lucky ones – travel – the Swinburne Online Mobile App will be the ultimate study buddy.

The mobile app is free to download from the Apple app store, just search ‘Swinburne Online’. The app will continue to be frequently updated and refreshed as we receive student user feedback.

*2016 Australian Mobile Statistics: How Digital Is Increasingly A Mobile – First Experience