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Supportive community

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At Swinburne Online we’ve built a whole online community of support.

University students will join peers in our online student community CONNECT and VET students can chat with other students who are online at the same time.

Additionally we also have a range of professional support available to our students:

eLearning Advisors

Learning happens in small study groups led by industry experienced tutors, known as eLearning Advisors (eLAs). They can help you with unit specific questions, assessments tasks, your learning materials and other learning specific queries.

Student Coaches

When it comes to managing your time and staying motivated, Student Coaches are a great resource. They can help you set realistic goals, overcome procrastination and stay overall motivated.

Student Advisors

For any more generic questions about studying online, Student Advisors are just a call away. They can help you with your enrolment, any exam or course planning queries and can give you technical support for your online classroom.