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Making your journey easier

At Swinburne Online, our aim is to create an environment that promotes independence and achievement. Access AbilityServices provide a range of support – to help students living with a disability, and those with carer responsibilities, manage their studies more effectively.

We want all of our students to succeed. So if you’re facing a particular barrier to studying that you think will impact your studies long-term or you need support with exams, contact an Accessibility Advisor today.

Organising a plan can take a little time so we recommend getting onto this at the very beginning of your course.

AccessAbility Services include:

  • Assistance from Advisors who can help identify the best support for your needs.
  • An Education Access Plan will help outline and put in place the support you need for the duration of your course.
  • An Equitable Assessment Arrangement will provide a specific support structure for your exam period.  arrangements under certain conditions

If an AccessAbility Advisor puts together an access plan for you, please contact your eLearning Advisor. That way you can make sure there is a support network around you helping you to achieve.