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Super Quick Study Tips for Busy Parents

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For parents who study, it can be tricky trying to squeeze in assignments between school runs, playdates and cooking dinner – not to mention sleep!

Isabel from Swinburne Online’s Support Team has some quick tips for busy parents who want to succeed.

1. Keep kids busy – and full!

A hungry child will at best be distracting and at worst have a full blown tantrum. So before you sit down at your desk, prepare some fast, healthy snacks for the kids so they will be content to let you concentrate. Chopped up fruit or cereal bars are always good to have on hand.

2. Get into a routine

Kids and study have something in common – they both work well in a routine.

Try putting a study timetable on the fridge so your family know when you need to concentrate and everyone can settle into your routine. Break your study down into 30 to 50 minute blocks. This is enough to fit around your family and allows you to get a little done every day.

3. Use your time wisely

When your time is so precious, make sure you use it wisely! Create a to-do list to prioritise your tasks and aim to get the top three items on your list done each day. Make the most of any uninterrupted blocks of time like your child’s nap times – these are the perfect time to study.

4. Have a dedicated study area

Having a dedicated study area will help you focus on your studies. Try setting up a small desk so your kids can do some drawing while you study, or if they’re a bit older get them to do their homework while you do yours.

5. Ask for help

Ask for help if you need it – the support staff and other students at Swinburne Online are always available to answer questions. You can contact your Student Advisors for general study advice and support over the phone or online seven days a week.

6. Balance study and life

Remember that study is work too – scheduling time for yourself, whether it be relaxation, exercise or just socialising with your friends, is very important. You can find lots of great strategies online  that will help you balance all the important areas of your life.