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12 totally useful gifts for online students


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Gifts for online students

If you have a friend or family member hitting the digital books, here are 12 ridiculously useful study gifts for online students we’ve found to be helpful!

1. Motivational posters

Whether they’re a lover of quotes or a Keep Calm Carry On sort of student – a bundle of happy words is always a good addition to any study space. Check out #beaflamingoinapackofpigeons on Etsy for low-cost motivating posters.#beaflamingoinapackofpigeons.

Motivational quote

2. Noise cancelling headphones

For those times when you really need to get into the zone and block out the noise. We recommend visiting JB HI-FI, Kogan or techradar to source the best and affordable headphones.

techradar headphones

3. Pomodoro timer

The Pomodoro Technique is notoriously known for boosting productivity in 25 minutes. Sure, there’s a timer on most phones or free online, but this little tomato timer is waaaaay cuter.

The Tomato Timer

LinkedIn share their Pomodoro Technique Work infographic

The Pomodoro Technique by LinkinIn

4. Do not disturb sign

You don’t even have to buy this one. Grab a sharpie and make a sign*or make one in Photoshop and take it to your local printer. You’re welcome.

*Etsy  has some cute ones for those with subpar penmanship. Or maybe you’re after something a little more personalised? Check out Signomatic for custom designs.

Do not Disturb sign etsy

5. Portable speaker

Sometimes study happens at a desk, sometimes in bed and sometimes even at the beach – a portable speaker means the study tunes don’t stop wherever they are.


6. Laptop stand

It’s hard to maintain posture when you’re in the zone! Laptop stands are great for improving typing posture and overall ergonomics (such as neck and back pain) when chipping away on the screen. They are also a lightweight and portable making in convenient for online students to carry around. Amazon and Officeworks offer a variety of affordable laptop stands for as little as $29.00 (AUD).

Laptop stand

7. Brain food cookbook

A way to an online student’s brain is through their stomach. According to a Dietitian, here are 12 best Cookbooks of 2022.

And for some quick tasty tips, take a look at our blog ‘Top 10 quick recipes for time-poor students‘.

12 Best Cookbooks

8. External monitor

This can be a game-changer for online students by helping them increase productivity. Gadget Review lists their Best External monitor in 2022.

Portable Monitor

9. A subscription to Dropbox

The worse thing other than your dog eating your homework? Not backing up your files and losing them! Dropbox have various options to suit budgeting and particular online storage needs. Even if you pay for half the subscription, it’ll still be incredibly beneficial!

10. Calendars and Diaries

Online students tend to DIY the wall calendar and scribble their way through on notes, why not help them formalise it? Check out kikki.K for some totally cool organisers!

2022-2023 Diary

11. A pet

There are wonderful benefits of studying with your pet. But.. this is one you would probably have to mention before gifting!

Studying with your pet

12. Coffee

A Keurig is a single-use compact coffee machine which makes it so easy to use and suitable to store most kitchens or cabinets. We know most students need their daily dose of coffee – what’s better than having one only step away!

Coffee and study at home