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How to maintain your study focus


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In some cases, staying focused on a large or lengthy assignment can be just as challenging as the assignment itself, and you may often find your mind starts to wander. In instances like these, it best to utilise some helpful techniques to bring back your focus and keep you on track with your assignment.

To help with that, we have put together a list of useful tips and tools to help you maintain your focus or regain it after it has been lost.

Find your study space

While we have talked about creating your own study space in the past, it remains one of the best and simplest ways to help keep your focus and stay motivated. Study-space preferences vary from person to person, but choosing the place that you find most comfortable will help you to feel more at ease and willing to study.

Equally, choosing an uncomfortable place to study may have the adverse effect; for example, if you are someone who prefers to work in silence, a library or home office will be a better option than a bustling café.

Create your own study ritual

Having a study ritual is a fantastic way to help you focus. This may consist of clearing your study space, turning off your phone, grabbing your study materials or preparing your favourite study snack.

Doing this will not only help to prepare your body and environment for studying, but will also help to train your brain to switch over to a more focused state more easily.

Study in blocks

You may think that sitting down for a 6-hour study session is the best way to get that assignment completed or to learn everything required for an exam, when in fact this method won’t help you to retain the information that you have learned, and you will often lose focus and become less productive as time goes on.

By breaking up your study sessions out into 30–60 minute blocks, you will be able to maintain your focus for longer and will find that your work quality improves. It is also helpful to come back to your studies with fresh eyes should you ever hit a dead end.

Give yourself some downtime

While you may find you have a lot of studying to do, it is also important to remember to take some time for yourself. Powering through your assignments may help in the short term, but you will find that you burn out much faster.

By taking a small break to check your social media, grab some food or coffee or even take a short walk, you will be able to return to your studies a bit more refreshed and focused on the tasks ahead.

These helpful tips should help you to maintain your study focus and keep on track to achieve your study goals.