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Designing for work and study

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Designing for work and study


Putting theory into practice

Design student, Melinda Hall, has always been very creative, but before starting her course she didn’t know exactly what she wanted to do with her life.

Now at the end of her first year of the Bachelor of Design, Melinda is loving the course and is grateful that she has the chance to put the theory to practice in her day to day job in the Hospitality and Gaming industry.

“I’m really lucky – I’ve been given the opportunity to create some of the posters for my work in hospitality.  I gave my opinion on a couple of posters my manager was creating and I was able to apply the knowledge I learnt from my course to give constructive feedback. Now I do all the posters for my work! Every time I do, I get more and more confident. I can see myself improving all the time,” says Melinda.

Fitting study around work

As a full time worker, Melinda chose online study because it meant that she didn’t have to quit her job, and could fit study around her working hours.

“I actually find online study easier and more flexible. Studying online definitely makes it easier for work – I don’t have to change my work hours around my study it’s the other way around,” she says.

More than pictures on a page

Melinda loves the digital design elements of the course, learning more about computer-based imagery and discovering more about what modern day design involves.

“My favourite subjects are 20th Century Design and Typography – both have allowed me to speak with better design terminology and realise that design is so much more than pictures on a page,” says Melinda.

Melinda is keeping her options open once she finishes her course but hopes to one day start her own design company. In the meantime, she is relishing the opportunity to improve her design skills through constant experimentation and research.

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