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Stopping procrastination before it stops you

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We’re all guilty of it, falling into the mindless trap of procrastination. It halts productivity and transports us to the land of Instagram where 10 minutes feels like 10 seconds. You might be thinking that you’re doomed and there’s no way to stop it, but we’re here to tell you that there are in fact some practical steps to stop procrastination in its tracks.

Hit the gym before hitting the books

There’s no better way to clear your mind before a study session than exercising. Even a daily brisk 20-minute walk can improve productivity. According to the NHS, doing 150 minutes of moderate physical activity every week will drastically improve your health. So grab your headphones and get moving!

Get in the zone

One of the reasons tennis players always come out of the rooms with headphones on bopping to their beats is because they are listening to pre match music to put them in the right headspace to perform at their peak. According to Swinburne Online’s Nikki Rickard, listening to music before or after study can be a powerful way to realign your mood to a desired state. If you’re feeling underwhelmed and want to be fully alert and focused, listen to something with a fast tempo and driving rhythm – this will get your heart beating faster and have you ‘pumped up’ in no time.

Stop procrastination in its tracks

Procrastination just got a whole lot harder with the installation of URL blockers. Simply download the software and you’ll be shut out of the sites that draw you into that dreaded black hole, with zero distractions. No matter how many times you try to restart your computer it’s almost impossible to uninstall the blockers once they’ve become activated. Which leaves you with one option only… to study. But don’t stress, once the allocated time is up, you can gleefully scroll through Kim Kardashian’s insta feed once again, guilt-free.

Download that app

If you’re having trouble setting study goals, the GoalsOnTrack app is for you. It magically syncs your assignment due dates from Google Calendar and Outlook and breaks down seemingly overwhelming goals into manageable chunks. Since our phones are essentially an extension of ourselves these days, using an app like this one is a practical and easy way to stay on track.