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The importance of understanding behaviour


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Man receiving a psychology session

We are forever fascinated with human nature and in today’s fast-paced digital world, understanding the behaviours of others is more interesting and diverse than ever before.

Our Program Director of Psychology, Nikki Rickard, shares some insights on how understanding human behaviour can help enhance both the professional and personal lives of the people who choose to study it.

Take a look at human behaviour

The Bachelor of Social Science with a Major in Behavioural Studies touches on the curiosities of human behaviour, without the commitment of a complete psychology degree.

Nikki explains, “For me, it’s great to gain insights into my own behaviour, my own thinking and to gain a better understanding of those around me. Learning why someone might be struggling with social interactions, or is having difficulty managing emotions like fear or sadness, underpins the study of human behaviour. The importance of promoting positive well being is also a large part of this degree.”

A degree that strengthens you

Many careers can benefit from a background in behavioural studies as this degree can help to strengthen interpersonal skills such as, compassion, empathy and motivation. By choosing behavioural studies students are exposed to job opportunities across many industries.
Students may land jobs in:

  • Community health services
  • Child protection
  • Human resources
  • Support services

Nikki reflects on her own experience with behavioural studies in education – “As teachers, we often talk about the importance of teaching to every type of student and making sure everyone has the chance to perform to their full potential. A course like this gives you extra insight into factors which impact on psychological well being, such as emotion regulation and social support, so that strategies can be developed to best support individual learners.”

Make positive change

People with a strong desire to help others and use their knowledge to positively change lives thrive in behavioural studies.

“This degree gives you a wealth of information on human behaviour while touching on other areas of the psychology discipline. Often our students are people interested in helping others, understanding what makes people tick and learning what they can do to support people experiencing mental health or well being problems.”

To learn more about this degree and to further discuss how it could enhance your career, contact one of our Course Consultants today on 1300 069 765.