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Feedback & Complaints

If you feel that an action, inaction or decision that directly affects you and is perceived to be unfair or unreasonable has occurred then you have the right to make a complaint.

If the complaint relates to assessment, for example a request to re-mark a piece of assessed work, you must refer to the reassessment of student work process. You have up to ten (10) working days to apply for a reassessment of work from the date on which the assessed work is made available to you.

For other complaints, you will normally discuss your complaint informally with either your eLA or a Student Advisors in the first instance. Where you are unable to make contact with your eLA, or would prefer to speak to a third party, then you may raise the matter with the relevant Unit Coordinator or Student Advisor. If you wish to make an informal complaint complete this web form and select Complaints from the menu options. Your complaint will be escalated to the appropriate staff member or department. You will be contacted within 5 business days of submitting your complaint and notified of the outcome of the local resolution process. You will be notified if we require further information to assess your complaint or additional time is required to assess complex cases.

The staff you contact will take action to resolve the matter, which may include:

  • having an informal discussion with you explaining relevant policies or procedures
  • referring you to relevant support services
  • referring the matter to a more senior staff member if appropriate
  • sending an acknowledgement email to you outlining the decision and reasons for the decision

Students dissatisfied with local resolution

If the complaint relates to assessment, for example a request to re-mark a piece of assessed work, you must refer to reassessment of student work.

For other complaints, if you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the local resolution process and further resolution is sought, you may lodge a formal complaint. Complaints must be submitted within a reasonable timeframe of the event occasioning the complaint. You will receive an acknowledgement letter once we receive your submitted formal complaint advising you of the process. You will receive notification of the outcome of your formal complaint within 21 days of submission. In complex cases, you will be notified if additional time is required to assess your complaint. For more information on the complaints management process, please refer to our complaints management guidelines.

Swinburne Student Life offers an independent service to help you with academic issues. It is suggested that you speak to an Swinburne Student Life advocate if you wish to lodge a formal complaint. Swinburne Student Life advocates can talk through your complaint with you and provide you with information and support. They can also inform you of the support services available to you as a Swinburne student.