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Podcasts to enhance your learning

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As an online student, you know the value of digital learning tools for studying on the go. Discussion boards, eTexts and online support services are all essential to your academic success.

Outside of your course, however, there are other great resources that can supplement your learning and expand your knowledge within your discipline. Podcasts are a great way to engage with your area of study in a way that is both informative and engaging. Below, we’ve rounded up our favourite podcasts that relate to different areas of study. Find your discipline, and listen online or via a podcast-streaming app on your device.

You’re studying a Business course

The Economist Asks

The Economist presents The Economist Asks, a chat show that poses one big question each episode to a different public figure. The conversations that follow cover politics, the environment, business and social issues; recent guests have included Greta Gerwig, Esther Perel and Michael Bloomberg.

Freakonomics Radio

Freakonomics is a book by economist, Steven Levitt, and journalist, Stephen Dubner, which has gone on to spawn a blog, film and podcast: Freakonomics Radio. The podcast continues to ‘discover the hidden side of everything’ by investigating the connections between culture and economics.

You’re studying a Design course

99% Invisible

The title of 99% Invisible refers to design and architecture that is often imperceptible, but ultimately shapes the world we live in. Recent episodes have explored the history and design of things such as the shop mannequin and the cartoon sound effect.

Design Matters

Arguably the very first podcast about design, Design Matters features a different designer, writer, artist, curator or creator every episode. Debbie Millman hosts these conversations with various ‘luminaries of contemporary thought’.

You’re studying a Media and Communication course

The Allusionist

Comedian Helen Zaltzman investigates intriguing linguistic phenomena in this hilarious British podcast. If you’ve ever needed to know more about etymology, epitaphs or the English language, this one is for you.

Global News Podcast

Stay up-to-date with international news with BBC’s Global News Podcast, delivered twice a day on weekdays, and daily on weekends.

You’re studying a Psychology course

Hidden Brain

Hidden Brain examines the psychological root of common human behaviours and experiences that you may never have considered, like why do we love a twist ending, or what is the purpose of an award?

Where Should We Begin?

Psychologist Esther Perel has gained a cult following in recent years; her books and TED Talks about relationships, sex and infidelity have resonated with a global audience. Her podcast, Where Should We Begin, explores these ideas within the context of real-life couple’s therapy sessions. 

You’re studying a Social Science course

Ear Hustle

Made inside San Quentin State Prison, Ear Hustle delivers stories of life inside and post-incarceration from current and former prisoners. Artist Nigel Poor has collaborated with incarcerated musicians, producers and story-tellers to create this intimate portrait of prison life.

The Lighthouse

The Australian’s National Crime Correspondent, David Murray, investigates the mysterious disappearance of Belgian backpacker, Théo Hayez. This podcast looks into the circumstances of Théo’s disappearance in an attempt to locate the teenager.

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