PSY20008: Psychology of Infancy and Early Childhood

This unit aims to provide students with an understanding of the psychological issues related to infancy and early childhood, including prenatal development, social development, cognitive development, and brain development. The unit will also focus on the psychology of parenting and explore cultural issues related to early human development.

Students who successfully complete this unit will be able to:
1. Explain how an understanding of infancy is of key importance to our understanding of the overall human condition. 
2. Evaluate and integrate multiple sources of information to develop practical and conceptual understanding of issues relating to social, cognitive, and brain development in infants and young children. 
3. Describe the impact of cultural and global issues on key psychological constructs, ethics and values relating to early human development.
4. Discuss the implications of existing and emerging technologies for psychological research and practice relating to early human development.

This unit is found in Bachelor of Social Science With a Major in Behavioural Studies.