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Professional Internship – Business

duration Duration: 1 Teaching Period

unit code Unit Code: BUS20009

contact hours Contact Hours: 10 hours of study recommended per week

About this unit

This unit provides students with an opportunity to apply and build upon knowledge and skills developed during their studies in a workplace setting. The unit prepares students for transition to professional practice and careers in the current and future world of work. Students will engage in and recognise and reflect on professional, ethical, sustainable, and inclusive practices in their workplace.

This unit will support the development of students’ professional knowledge, capabilities and career management through observation, participation, and reflection in a range of work integrated learning tasks and assessments.


Students will:

  • Be supported to contribute knowledge, skills and practices from their university studies into a professional context relevant to their disciplinary course of study.
  • Required to demonstrate an understanding of the connection between academic knowledge, practical application and critically reflect on this professional experience in relation to future practice and career.

Topics for the unit comprise:

  • Planning for learning and career
  • Professional reflective practice
  • Ethical, sustainable, and inclusive professional practice
  • Professional networking
  • Planning for professional future and career.

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