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Planning for Career Success

duration Duration: 12 weeks of content studied over a 6 week teaching period

unit code Unit Code: CAR10001

contact hours Contact Hours: 12–15 hours of study per week

About this unit

This unit of study aims to equip students with the skills, capabilities and experiences which will maximise their potential to secure employment and progress in their careers. It provides students with essential career development, planning skills and knowledge by concentrating on ’employability’ in the context of the world of work.

The design of this unit is focused on the development of capability to gain employment and progress careers by providing opportunities for students to critically reflect on skills and strengths and market themselves effectively online, in a resume and at job interviews.

Unit learning outcomes

  • Reflect upon, analyse and communicate personal skills, attributes, strengths and values in a job readiness and career progression context.
  • Analyse and summarise required skills and opportunities for employment in a chosen industry.
  • Identify and demonstrate employability skills for job readiness and career progression.
  • Develop and prepare a discipline-specific career path plan.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of career theory, planning and management, and relevant industry and labour-market trends.

This unit can be studied as an elective with any bachelor degree.

  • Business
  • Psychology
  • Education
  • Social Science
  • Design
  • Media and Communication