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Organisational Behaviour

duration Duration: 1 Teaching Period

unit code Unit Code: MGT20007

contact hours Contact Hours: Recommended 10 hours of study per week

About this unit

In this unit students will examine individual characteristics, drivers of behaviours, group dynamics and organisational change processes to understand how they influence organisations. We all participate in different organisations in different ways, whether as workers, citizens and community or family members, operating as individuals or group members.

Organisational Behaviour research draws on theoretical frameworks and insights from many disciplines in the social sciences, including sociology and psychology. The unit focuses on both personal and organisational development and effectiveness.


  • Organisational behaviour and organisational theory
  • Individuals in organisations (perception, attitudes and personality)
  • Motivation and empowerment
  • Groups and group dynamics
  • Conflict and negotiation
  • Organisational design
  • Organisational culture and leadership.

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