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Strategic Marketing Planning Project

duration Duration: 1 Teaching Period

unit code Unit Code: MKT30013

contact hours Contact Hours: Recommended 10 hours of study per week

About this unit

In the highly competitive and turbulent business world, it is particularly important for Australian companies to carefully analyse their strategic planning, sharpen their business analysis skills, and see beyond the geographical or product-based boundaries of the markets in which they currently compete. Acquiring and maintaining competitive advantage by having a consistently superior business/marketing planning system will be one of the most vital strengths of successful businesses of the future.

This unit gives students the opportunity to acquire a working understanding of various methods of organisational and marketing planning, along with the ability to apply them appropriately in developing and implementing marketing strategies that respond to the challenges of the environment.


Topics that support the development of a strategic marketing plan will be explored. These may include:

  • Introduction to strategy (organisational and marketing)
  • Synthesise information from a variety of business sources
  • Develop problem identification and problem solving skills
  • Developing strategic competitive advantage (SCA), by using advantage analysis and increased awareness of entry barriers
  • Conducting detailed situation analyses (SWOT), including industry and market analyses
  • Assessing various strategic classification models and generic strategies
  • Making strategic decisions for diverse markets and competitive environments
  • Linking planning with strategic development: addressing corporate objectives, complying with corporate strategy
  • Using the marketing management process to plan to achieve organisational goals, by investigating an industry of your choice and developing a realistic and appropriate Strategic Marketing Plan (SMP).