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Marketing Channel Design and Integration

duration Duration: 1 teaching period

unit code Unit Code: MKT20023

contact hours Contact Hours: Recommended 10 hours of study per week

About this unit

This unit examines the various channels of distribution, including retailing and their strategic role in the marketing mix. The study of this unit facilitates the building of solid knowledge of physical and virtual store and outlet design, covering both traditional and online formats. Students will acquire a deep understanding of managing intermediaries from sales and marketing perspective.


  • Supply chain issues
  • Channel strengths and weaknesses – channel functions, roles, characteristics and customer motives for channel selection
  • An overview of retailing from a management perspective (including digital and visual retailing)
  • Sales and marketing management in the marketing planning process
  • Sales force management (recruiting, managing compensating)
  • Selling and sales promotion
  • The strategic role of channels in the marketing mix
  • development and management of distribution channels to meet core marketing objectives effective category management
  • Channel integration
  • Challenges of marrying traditional and online formats

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