MKT20021 Integrated Marketing Communication

About this unit

The primary aim of this unit is to explore the use of marketing communication to build and sustain brands, based on knowledge of how communication works, the institutions which participate in the process, and the practical business processes necessary to achieve and measure defined communication goals. In particular, students will be able to understand the integrated nature of communication and develop a full appreciation of advertising, sales promotion, public relations, publicity and direct marketing in a digital and contemporary environment.


  • Introduction to integrated marketing communications and communications strategy
  • Forms of communication and the communication process
  • Who to communicate to and what to communicate: segmentation and objectives
  • Industry roles in IMC
  • Advertising strategy and planning
  • Creative advertising and effective integration
  • Where to communicate: Media
  • Interactive and digital media
  • Media strategy, planning and buying
  • Other forms of IMC: Sales promotion, direct marketing, PR and publicity, sponsorship
  • Global campaigns and ethics
  • Campaign evaluation and budgets

This course is found in Bachelor of Business With a Major in Business Administration and Bachelor of Business With a Major in Marketing.