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Marketing Concepts

duration Duration: 1 teaching period

unit code Unit Code: MKT10002

contact hours Contact Hours: Recommended 8 hours of study per week

About this unit

This unit provides an understanding of key concepts used in organisation-customer exchanges, along with an understanding of the role of the marketing function within any organisation. Particular emphasis is given to the role that Marketing plays in any organisation’s core processes of creating and adapting to changes in its external and internal environments; understanding the ever-changing dynamics of client-organisation relationships; fulfilling the needs and wants of stakeholders in a way that also satisfies the organisation’s goals (both financial and societal).

This understanding of marketing theory and practice, and what marketing people do, will assist the understanding of other disciplines in the Bachelor of Business degree, as well as providing a strong philosophical foundation for the further vocational study of marketing.


  • Students will be introduced to the following topics:
  • The nature of marketing, and its role in creating value and building relationships with stakeholders
  • The global and local marketing environments
  • Consumer and business market behaviour
  • Information management and market research
  • Strategic marketing and planning
  • Market segmentation, targeting and positioning
  • A wide range of marketing tools and techniques
  • Social marketing, and marketing for non-profit organisations
  • Ethics and marketing compliance