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Researching Social Media Publics

unit code Unit Code: MDA30012

About this unit

Social media technologies and platforms have come to define innovation and change in media and communication practice. They have embedded multidirectional and participatory practices into our media environments. This has implications for many areas of social life and affects the kinds of ‘publics’ that might form out of networked communication.

Social media, for instance, changes the ways commercial enterprise communicates with and develops a customer base, the way emergency services communicate with locals during times of crisis, how people come together to protest or celebrate, how health and education are experienced. Researching Social Media Publics introduces research methodologies for analysing such sites of social media practice, and works as a capstone for the Social Media major, specialisation and minor.


  • Introduction to social media ecologies and digital citizenship
  • Commercial frontiers for social media practice (innovation and measurement)
  • Engaging with social media cultures and communities of practice (theory and ethics)
  • Critical perspectives
  • Practical social media analysis

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