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Media Platforms and Practices

duration Duration: 1 teaching period

unit code Unit Code: MDA20019

contact hours Contact Hours: Recommended 8 hours of study per week

About this unit

This unit aims to provide students with an overview of the ways in which the media industries are being transformed by the rise of multiple platforms for content creation and distribution. Students will consider how older distribution models such as broadcast and print are being challenged by the use of new platforms enabled by the Internet. They will examine the broader conceptual and theoretical concerns that attend such transformations, and analyse questions relating to changed modes of cooperation and collaboration made possible by these platforms. They will also develop the necessary technical skills in content creation and distribution to work effectively in a changing media production landscape.


  • Platform specifics – issues and techniques
  • Data, analytics and platforms
  • Narrative and platform specificity
  • Languages of new media platforms
  • Integrating content across platforms
  • Media specificity and the law
  • Skills development in imaging and time based media
  • Search tools and algorithms
  • Real-time 27/4 media and media events
  • Trans-media storytelling and its impact on narrative structures
  • The changing role of the media producer

This unit is found in Bachelor of Media and Communication with a Major in Media Studies.