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Innovation for Education

duration Duration: 1 Teaching Period

unit code Unit Code: EDU80018

contact hours Contact Hours: Recommended 12 hours of study per week

About this unit

In this unit, pre-service teachers are introduced to a range of educational research approaches with a view to having them identify with
the role of the teacher-as-researcher. Pre-service teachers will conduct research to investigate innovations in education. This unit will
develop the student’s capacity to engage in and critically evaluate innovative approaches to teaching and learning. Pre-service teachers
are introduced to various types of research, and methods for gathering data in the study of the context, processes and outcomes of
schooling. The unit prepares pre-service teachers to engage critically with research throughout their professional career. Pre-Service
teachers will explore current and contemporary innovative practices for teaching and learning using an inquiry model and develop
strategies for critical evaluation of a diverse range of approaches towards innovation and current practice. They will engage in research to design, develop and evaluate innovation in the education arena. This unit supports pre-service teachers in becoming leaders and
innovators in their area of primary specialisation (primary education) and methods (secondary education) within educational settings.


  • Teachers as Researchers
  • The research process and question/focus
  • Different research approaches and paradigms
  • Ethical and practical considerations
  • Strategies for data collection
  • Data analysis
  • Lifelong/self-directed learning
  • Exploration of contemporary research
  • Innovative methods of teaching and learning
  • The use of innovative teaching strategies
  • Learning spaces
  • Emerging Technologies

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