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Human Resource Practice

duration Duration: 1 Teaching Period

unit code Unit Code: HRM10004

contact hours Contact Hours: Recommended 10 hours of study per week

About this unit

This unit introduces students to the theory and practice of Human Resource Management (HRM). Students will develop an understanding of a range of HR activities, including staff recruitment, training, employee relations, remuneration, performance management, and
employee health and safety among others. Some key themes of the unit are the notion of Strategic HRM and the utility of employees as a key form of competitive advantage for organisations. This unit provides a strong overview of HRM and therefore provides an ideal platform for students to build both generalist and specialist HR knowledge.


  • Introducing HRM’s wider context
  • Strategic HRM
  • Job analysis
  • Attracting, selecting and socialising human resources
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Training and developing human resources
  • Rewarding, engaging and evaluating human resources, including theories of job evaluation, performance pay and benefits
  • Workplace health and safety
  • The link amongst strategy, structure, culture, and HR
  • HRM in a global context and multinational organisations

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