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Retirement Planning

duration Duration: 1 Teaching Period

unit code Unit Code: FIN30023

contact hours Contact Hours: Recommended 10 hours of study per week

About this unit

The unit aims to develop an understanding of retirement planning with a particular focus on the superannuation industry. Students are introduced to the complex world of superannuation saving industries in Australia and the process of transferring this wealth into a retirement plan. Government regulations and policies applicable to the superannuation industry will be discussed. The unit will cover topics such as superannuation funds, regulatory framework, investment decisions, superannuation taxation issues, allocated pensions, and aged care planning.  


  • Background of Australia superannuation system and regulation
  • Types of superannuation funds and taxation
  • Contributions and transfers to superannuation funds
  • Superannuation guarantee scheme
  • Self-managed superannuation funds
  • Superannuation benefit payments and provision/conditions to release
  • Social security safety net
  • Aged care planning
  • Retirement income streams
  • Retirement planning issues: death, divorce, complaints, and others.

This unit is found in Bachelor of Business with a Major in Accounting and Financial Planning.

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