EDU10003 The World of Maths

Unit code: EDU10003

Duration: 1 Teaching Period

Contact hours: Recommended 8 hours of study per week

About this unit

This unit aims to familiarise students with mathematics in an educational context and beyond. Students will understand the difference between ‘mathematics’ and numeracy, and the implications of this on teaching and learning. Students will be introduced to the wonders that mathematics present in our everyday lives, and how these can be utilised in educational contexts. This unit will also briefly look at how children develop mathematical thinking. Students will consider what mathematics is and how it is learnt.


  • Mathematics vs numeracy
  • Mathematics vs numeracy in learning environments (are we preparing children with adequate numeracy skills?)
  • The Golden Ratio, Tessellations, Spirographs, Oragami
  • Thinking mathematically
  • National Curriculum content
  • Relation to maths in the world
  • Theory of children’s development related to maths
  • Maths as a real world subject
  • Overcoming maths anxiety
  • Becoming engaged and enthusiastic about mathematics and numeracy
  • Problem solving skills related to numeracy
  • The Origins of number and base 10 counting system
  • Numeracy, Mathematics and ICTs
  • Contemporary research into teaching and learning mathematics

This unit is found in Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) and Bachelor of Education (Primary).