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Digital Management and the Future of Work

duration Duration: 1 Teaching Period

unit code Unit Code: HRM30012

contact hours Contact Hours: Recommended 10 hours of study per week

About this unit

This unit consolidates previous studies of management and human resource management to consider contemporary workplace issues and the future of work. Driven by trends such as globalisation, digitisation, automation and artificial intelligence, the nature of work has changed substantially. This unit examines the practical and ethical implications of these changes for employees, managers, organisations and broader society. It will prepare students for identifying the impacts of these challenges as well as planning and implementing effective organisational change. It also offers students the opportunity to work on real-world problems as experienced in industry..


  • Changes to the nature of work, including digitisation, automation and artificial intelligence
  • The global nature of work in the international business environment
  • Changes in the population and the labour market
  • New ways of working, including hybrid and remote work, virtual teams and the gig economy
  • New and emerging technologies to support management and human resource management
  • Models of change management and implementation
  • Stakeholder perspectives, such as indigenous perspectives, on change and the future of work
  • Social responsibility and ethics.

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