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Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Advanced)

The Graduate Diploma of Psychology consists of seven units, and will see you undertake the following studies:

Course units

Advanced Quantitative Methods for Psychology

Psychological Assessment

Ethics and Professional Issues

Counselling and Interventions

Research Project Development

Literature Review

Empirical Study

On successful completion of this Course students will be able to:

  • Apply the theories and methods of psychological science to theoretical and practical problems, and explain the underpinnings of professional practice of psychology.
  • Communicate effectively with specialist, non-specialist and professional audiences in contexts relevant to professional and clinical psychology, and the conduct of psychological research.
  • Apply the principles of selection, development, administration and interpretation of appropriate, valid and reliable psychological tests.
  • Apply psychological assessment techniques and strategies to problems in psychological practice.
  • Explain the principles and application of basic psychological interventions for a range of issues and contexts.
  • Apply psychological concepts, theories and methods in a manner that is science-based, safe and ethical, showing situational awareness and cultural competence.
  • Work with a high degree of independence to design, conduct, evaluate and report original research.

Course rules

To qualify for the award of GD-PSYADS Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Advanced), students must complete 100 credit points comprising:

  • Seven [7] core units (100cps)

An overall course grade (e.g., for level of honours, and entry into higher degree courses) is calculated by averaging the marks for the 7 units, each weighted by their credit point value (i.e., the grade for PSY80136 Thesis C – Empirical Study is weighted double).

 Volume of Learning

The Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Advanced) consists of a total of 100 credit points. Units normally carry 12.5 credit points (cps). A standard annual full-time load comprises eight (8) units (100cp), and a standard annual part-time load comprises four (4) units (50cp). The volume of learning of the Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Advanced) is typically 1 year.

Maximum Academic Credit

The maximum level of credit that can be granted for the Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Advanced) is 25 cp (normally two units).

Research Statement


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