Support for Mentor Teachers

eLearning Advisors (eLAs):

eLAs are online tutors who work with our students to support their learning around the course content. They facilitate groups of around 20 – 30 students and will be the first point of contact for both you and your student. eLAs will email the Mentor Teacher before the placement period commences to support a quality placement experience. They assist by:

  • Offering support for the Mentor Teacher when required in addressing the placement assessment.
  • Being a point of contact for the education setting and Pre-service Teacher if problems arise during the placement.
  • Liaising with the Associate Director of Education to facilitate further action and support as required.
  • Providing support for the Mentor Teacher when a support plan has been raised.

Student Services:

This team communicates to all education settings who have accepted a Swinburne Online student. They can assist with:

Updating placement information.
Providing payments for the supervision of our Pre-service Teachers.


    Feedback Form:

    If you have any feedback about the placement experience, please don't hesitate to let us know!

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    Support for Pre-Service Teachers

    Our pre-service teachers have a number of support options available to them. 

    eLearning Advisors (eLAs):

    Pre-service Teachers will be in regular contact with their eLA throughout the placement to discuss teaching matters. 

    • Maintain academic oversight over the Practicum Unit.
    • Be in regular communication with the Pre-service Teacher during the placement.
    • Make direct email contact as required with all Pre-service Teachers during the placement.
    • Encourage and support the Pre-service Teacher’s critical reflections on their placement.
    • Facilitate group discussion on the professional context which teachers work within.
    • Foster an online community of practice among Pre-service Teachers undergoing the placement.
    • Provide online support and advice in relation to problems encountered during the placement.
    • Assist  with  the  development  of  strategies  and  ensure  that  the  Pre-service Teacher is clear about the area/s of concern and how to address it/them should they be deemed to be having difficulty.
    • Assess the Pre-service Teacher against the wider unit objectives.

    Student Advisors

    Our Student Advisors are available to help with any query students may have. Available 7 days a week, our Student Advisors ensures that our students are never alone.