Master of Teaching (Primary)

The Master of Teaching (Primary) consists of 16 units, and will see you undertake the following studies:

  • 15 core units
  • one credited placement
  • two not-for-credit placements.

Your two not-for-credit placements are embedded into specific theory units, which will set you on a strong path to put theory into practice as you develop your teaching skills.

Core units

Arts and Design Technology in Primary School

English in Primary School

Health and Physical Education in Primary School

Humanities in Primary School

Mathematics in Primary School

Science in Primary School

Understanding Theories of Teaching, Learning and Development

Curriculum Development, Assessment and Responsive Pedagogy

Understanding Indigenous Education & Perspectives

Teaching for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Literacy Across the Curriculum

Numeracy Across the Curriculum

Innovation for Education

Supporting Students with English as an Additional Language

Building and Sustaining Positive Relationships

Supervised Professional Experience 3: Ready to Teach

On successful completion of this Course students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a broad and deep knowledge of the theories and practice of learning, teaching and pedagogy, across multiple discipline and methodological domains.
  • Demonstrate advanced and integrated knowledge of the key issues, policies and theoretical concepts impacting primary education in Australian and global contexts.
  • Reflect critically on, synthesise learning, and take responsibility and accountability for quality teaching and personal outputs in the context of primary education practice.
  • Apply high levels of independent judgement to synthesise, integrate, justify and apply multiple domains of educational knowledge in novel or new situations in practice.
  • Research, evaluate and articulate key issues, stakeholder needs and a range of perspectives in relation to primary education practice in complex scenarios or across multiple domains of knowledge.
  • Initiate, develop and manage learning programs, and evaluate innovations, in the context of primary education practice


Swinburne University has now incorporated the Graduate Teacher Performance Assessment (GTPA) into the final year of primary professional experience units. This narrative based assignment will allow you to demonstrate your competence in classroom practice by creating a unit plan, lesson plans, assessing, reflecting and appraising your teaching. Connecting the academic program to your professional experience, the GTPA provides quality assurance of graduate readiness, giving you valuable experience to help you progress into your new career.

Course rules

To qualify for the award of Master of Teaching (Primary) students must complete 200 credit points comprising:

  • Two (2) Educational Foundation units (25 credit points)
  • Six (6) Educational Discipline units (75 credit points)
  • Five (5) Advanced Educational units (62.5 credit points)
  • Three (3) Supervised Professional Experience units (37.5 credit points)

In addition, students are responsible for arranging and successfully completing the national Literacy and Numeracy Test for Initial Teacher Education Students through the Australian Council for Education Research prior to completing 100 credit points of study.

Academic Progress – Special Requirements

In addition to the standard academic progress rules, the Master of Teaching (Primary) has the following additional academic progress rules which are established in accordance with Academic Courses Regulation 62(2):

1. A student is classified as ‘at risk’ of unsatisfactory progress if they:

(a) Behave in a manner which breaches the Swinburne Student Charter whilst on a teaching placement

2. A student is classified as having ‘unsatisfactory progress’ if they:

(a) fail to successfully complete the National Literacy and Numeracy test prior to completing 100 credit points of studies.

(b) fail a Teaching Placement unit

(c) have their teaching placement terminated early by a school. In the case of early termination of a teaching placement by a school, the student will be deemed as having ‘unsatisfactory progress’ and a progress review process will commence within 2 weeks of the cessation of the placement.

Students who are identified as having unsatisfactory progress may be subject to the show cause provisions in the Progress Review section of the Academic Progress Policy. A unit of study can only be counted once.

Volume of Learning

The Master of Teaching (Primary) consists of a total of 200 credit points. Units normally carry 12.5 credit points (cps). A standard annual full-time load comprises eight (8) units (100cp), and a standard annual part-time load comprises four (4) units (50cp).

Maximum Academic Credit

The maximum level of credit that can be granted for the Master of Teaching (Primary) is 100 credit points (normally eight units).

Research Statement


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