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Units for the course:

Graduate Certificate of Educational Studies

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The Graduate Certificate of Educational Studies consists of four units, and will see you undertake the following studies:

  • two core units
  • two electives.

Understanding Theories of Teaching, Learning and Development

Curriculum Development, Assessment and Responsive Pedagogy

Choose two elective units.

Arts and Design Technology in Primary School

English in Primary School

Health and Physical Education in Primary School

Humanities in Primary School

Mathematics in Primary School

Science in Primary School

On successful completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge of the theories and practice of learning, teaching and pedagogy.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the key issues, policies and theoretical concepts impacting primary education in Australian and global contexts.
  • Reflect on learning and take responsibility and accountability for personal development in the context of primary education.
  • Use independent judgement and apply contemporary educational knowledge to novel or new contexts.
  • Evaluate and articulate key issues, stakeholder needs and a range of perspectives in relation to primary education.

Course rules

To qualify for the award of Graduate Certificate of Educational Studies students must complete 50 credit points comprising:

Two (2) Educational Foundation units (25cp)

Two (2) Educational Discipline units (25cp).

A unit of study can only be counted once.

Volume of Learning

The Graduate Certificate of Educational Studies consists of a total of 50 credit points. Units normally carry 12.5 credit points (cps). A standard annual full-time load comprises eight (8) units (100cp), and a standard annual part-time load comprises four (4) units (50cp). The volume of learning of the Graduate Certificate of Educational Studies is typically 6 months full time or equivalent.

Maximum Academic Credit

Not Applicable

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