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Units for the course:

Graduate Certificate of Project Management 

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The Graduate Certificate of Project Management consists of four units and typically takes six months of full-time study to complete

Strategic Project Management

The Risk Management Spectrum

Project Management for Innovative Outcomes

Operations Management

On successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • demonstrate coherent and advanced knowledge of key project management principles, standards and practice
  • critically evaluate project management theories, methodologies and frameworks in a range of business, management, entrepreneurial and industry contexts
  • critically analyse problems from interdisciplinary perspectives and multiple points of view to establish innovative solutions
  • communicate in a proficient and professional manner and operate as an effective leader or member of a team.

Course rules

To qualify for the award of Graduate Certificate of Project Management, students must complete four core units (50 credit points).

Volume of learning

The Graduate Certificate of Project Management requires six months of full-time study or equivalent. The course consists of four units (50 credit points total). Units normally carry 12.5 credit points (cps). In a year, four units normally constitute a full-time load of 50 credit points and two units normally constitute a part-time load of 25 credit points.

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