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Support for Mentor Teachers

Our mentor teachers have a number of support options available to them.

eLearning Advisors (eLAs)

eLAs are online tutors who work with our students to support their learning around the course content and their placement experience. They facilitate groups of around 20–30 students and will be the first point of contact for both you and your student. eLAs will email the Mentor Teacher before the placement period commences to support a quality placement experience. They assist by:

  • Offering support for the Mentor Teacher when required in addressing the placement assessment
  • Being a point of contact for the education setting and Pre-service Teacher if problems arise during the placement
  • Liaising with the Unit Coordinator to facilitate further action and support as required
  • Providing support for the Mentor Teacher when a support plan has been raised.

Student Services

This team communicates to all education settings who have accepted a Swinburne Online student. They can assist with:

Updating placement information.
Providing payments for the supervision of our Pre-service Teachers.


Student Advisors

Our Student Advisors are available to help with any query students may have. Available seven days a week, our Student Advisors ensures that our students are never alone.